Located just 10 minutes from downtown San Antonio, TX, Boeing Center at Tech Port is the most technologically advanced entertainment venue in the world.

Boeing Center at Tech Port boasts a 60-by-20 foot LED wall and the largest array of musical Tesla coils along one side that can be incorporated into the lighting and sound design for live music with 7.1 surround sound. In addition, a LAN gaming center open 7 days a week and interactive tech museum along with seven local eateries and a full bar, open weekdays, Boeing Center at Tech Port is the first destination place of it's kind in San Antonio, TX. Opening it's doors to the public on May 2, 2022 with The Smashing Pumpkins as the headlining act, this $70 million, 130,000 square foot facility will reshape entertainment with world-class live concerts, performances, esports, sports, conventions and more. The venue is readily accessible to the San Antonio metro area's 2.6 million residents and represents the future of public and private events.